As part of the Yellowstone Conference, Whitefish UMC has had a relationship with the East Angola Conference of the United Methodist Church since 2003. Mission teams from across the nation have visited East Angola since then to help rebuild churches and communities, to learn how best to be in partnership and to get to know one another. Angolans have been rebuilding their churches, sometimes one row of bricks at a time. Most pastors in East Angola are not paid a salary by their congregation but are paid ‘in kind’ – eggs, cassava, sweet potatoes, a chicken or rabbit. The East Angola Conference covers the poorest areas of Angola. Most of the churches are small and in rural villages.

We in Yellowstone Conference want to support our brothers and sisters in Christ as they rebuild their churches and ministries. We do that by supporting 60 pastors in 3 districts and 2 areas of evangelization (in a remote part of the country). Each pastor receives $40 a month in salary which is vital to the lives and families of the pastors. This partnership offers hope to the pastors, their families, and their villages.